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A decidedly old school take on radio with a focus on the best Modern Hard Rock and Metal and the the sub-genres that make up the musical neighbors. With interviews, features and informative focus on  entertaining bands and artists in all levels of the scene. Give us a listen and see if our programming is right for you!

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Shamas Live! in the #studio

The best in Internet Radio for hard rock, metal and band interviews

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Thursdays 5-8 PM

Saturday Shut Up and Jam!  


Monday On The Rocks!

     5-8 PM PST

Just D

Tuesday 11 AM-1PM

Random Acts Of Rock

Wednesdays 5-8PM 

The Metldown With Marshall

Fridays 9PM

The Breakfast Binge

Mon-Fri 3-7 AM

Cowboys Juke Joint

Sunday 5-8 PM

Drops Of Nightfire

Sundays 8-10 PM

Tunes In The Attic  with Steve C

Thursdays Noon-2 PM

(All Times Pacific)

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Rock On The Rise was created to showcase rock music from many tiers of the genre. While our focus is to bring high quality signed and unsigned Hard Rock and Metal, we appreciate most everyone carrying the rock'n roll flag. Corporate money and corporate bullying should never decide your favorite song or band.

Join The Fight. Keep Rock Alive.

Our mantra has always been supporting the artists and the venues. We strive to cultivate the concert shopping, music campaign and album buying culture. Any and every donation we get will be reinvested into the station for those purposes and to keep fighting to ensure that rock and metal get heard regardless of a band's financing. 

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