Elana of Motive Black, March 9th Interview

 On March 9th during Monday On The Rocks Elana drops in to chat with  Shamas about the music, the band and the new single "Broken". Get it  everywhere March 20th.  Find out more and visit  http://www.motiveblack.com 

Justin Smulison interviews the legendary Rick Sims

An in-depth career look, Rick Sims

 High octane frontman and six-string wild-man, Rick Sims spoke with new  Rock On The Rise contributor, Justin Smulison about his rock & roll career and discography and how he learned one of his songs was covered on a  six-times platinum record. Find out more by visiting    http://www.ricksimssoundde

The Interview with Ben of Lakeshore

 Ben of Lakeshore joins Shamas to chat about the band, the beginnings,  influences, writing, performing and what's next. To learn more about  Lakeshore visit www.facebook.com/41Lakeshore/ 

February 29th Interview with Shadow Smile

 Ciaran and Ethan of Shadow Smile drop in to talk about their music,  influences and the band. To learn more about Shadow Smile visit www.instagram.com/shadowsmilemusic/ 

Interview with Andy of Blame The Sacred.

 Andy of Blame The Sacred drops in to chat with Shamas about the band.  music, influences and what's on the horizon. Learn more about Blame The  Sacred by visiting www.facebook.com/blamethesacred/ 

February 22nd Interview with Tom Auton

 Tom drops in to chat with Shamas about his music, playing style, his band and influences. Learn more about him by visiting www.tomauton.com 

February 8th Sanguine Interview

 Sanguine joined Shamas in February to talk about the band, beginnings, influences and all things rock!  Find out more at  http://www.sanguineband.co.uk/

December 14th LUTE Interview


LUTE chats with Shamas about the band, influences and what is next!

Find out more here www.facebook.com/luteband/

February 1st Cryosphere Interview

 Cryosphere sat down with Shamas and discussed the band, influences and  honored Rock On The Rise with an exclusive of their single "I Am Become  Death" 

Black Lakes Interview January 18 2020

The guys from Black Lakes chat with Shamas about the band, influences, and what is on the horizon for the band! Find out more and follow them on social media here 

November 23rd interview with A New Tomorrow

 The guys hang out and chat with Shamas about influences, formation, the  new album "Universe" and the upcoming launch party! Find out more about  them at www.anewtomorrowband.com/ 

Upon A Falling Empire November 16

 Chris and Maiki drop in to talk about the band, influences, writing and what is next. Find out more about them here  

Jonathan of Kingdom Collapse November

 November 4th ; Jonathan of Kingdom Collapse drops in to talk about the band, the music and what's next.  Find out more about them here

Metasoma Interview Oct 19

Vlad and Hugo popped in this past OCT to chat with Shamas! Find out more ab here

The Goodnight Good Mourning September 2nd Interview.

 The guys from Goodnight Good Mourning chat with Maria and Shamas about  the band, their influences, and all things rock and metal! Find out more  about them and visit www.facebook.com/goodnightgoodmourning/ 

Andrew Of Plain Sails August 31st Interview

 Andrew of Plain Sails popped in for a Saturday Shut Up And Jam chat with  Shamas about the band and rock! Find out more about them at www.plainsails.com/